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Pie chart comparing the size of 'Your Team' to the overall company size with a link to view a detailed report
Segmented chart showing the breakdown of your collaborators into categories: Managers, Coach/Advisors, Mentors, and Influencers
Engagement metrics chart displaying: number of Replies, Mentions, and Reactions. Last interaction noted for each collaborator
Trend chart depicting 'Team Activity Summary' with trends of feedback and recognitions received by your team members
List of individuals with the title 'People you manage', showcasing reports from individuals who identify you as their manager.
Visual representation of 'Your Team's Strengths' highlighting usage of Socyal for improvement, people skills, flexibility, innovation, and delivering impact on organizational initiatives

Empowering teams to engage genuinely, elevate their work culture, and achieve unparalleled performance.

Boost Work Performance

Discover tools and insights that propel your team's efficiency and productivity. With Socyal, every task becomes an opportunity for excellence.

Engage Authentically

Build meaningful connections within your team. Facilitate open conversations, celebrate achievements, and foster a community of genuine collaboration.

Elevate Your Culture

Transform your work environment into a thriving space of mutual respect, innovation, and growth. Cultivate a culture that everyone is proud to be a part of.

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Give feedback to your coworkers and grow together

A healthy and strong culture starts with feedback. socyal enables your team to share real-time feedback on meetings, projects, and performance.

Step-by-step guide on how to give feedback, illustrated by a feedback card in a feed and a prompt requesting feedback
Feed display showcasing recognitions, replies, and an insightful reaction from team members or colleagues.

Praise and recognize good behaviors and contributions

Showing appreciation for your employees and colleagues is one of the best ways to motivate and engage your employees, improve retention, and ultimately save money.

Find top talent, prevent problems, and build well performing teams

socyal enables people to assess their teammates relative to each other on a grid without any numeric indicators, thus preventing subconscious biases inherent to numeric-based assessments.

socyal’s proprietary algorithm then determines the true positionings of people relative to others within their groups – information that can be used to systematically improve talent within the company by retaining and rewarding top performers, addressing low performance, proactively intervening to prevent problems, and building well-performing teams.

Graphic illustrating relative assessment on a ranking grid, trends chart for behaviors & contributions, and a guide to defining working relationships

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We have considered our solutions to support every stage of your growth and we are the fastest and easiest way.

“We struggled for years to find an IT company that we could trust. While others would try to sell us IT solutions. We actually took the time to listen to what made us unique as a business.”

Profile picture of Socyal user

Ana-Maria Hrubaru

Software Engineer

Socyal has been a lifesaver for keeping me connected with my team. The platform makes it effortless to receive feedback, communicate with coworkers, and stay organized. The app's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have helped me be more productive and efficient in my work. I highly recommend Socyal to anyone looking to streamline their work communication and stay connected with their team!

Profile picture of Socyal user

Vlad Burca

Product Designer

• easy to share, give feedback and discuss with colleagues (eg. What to improve and maybe stop doing) • easy to acknowledge things like teamwork and innovation in other team members • a transparent way to see the dynamics between me and my co-workers • interesting ways of building your connections with people you work closely or collaborate in other ways

Profile picture of Socyal user

Codrut Bradatan

Front-end engineer

Very fluent and simple to use. Love it! 💖

Profile picture of Socyal user

Sergiu Chiuchiu

Senior Java & Kotlin Engineer

Great concept to solution for continuous performance management and real time feedback. Needs to improve on performance front, app takes lot of time to load each time it is opened, keeps on loading before it opens.

Profile picture of Socyal user

Sumit Dalve

UX, UR and Product Design

Really intuitive. Great for sharing feedback and responding to colleagues with focus on qualities that are important in every industry

Profile picture of Socyal user

Rutu N

Frequently asked questions

Navigating the world of feedback and collaboration can be complex. At Socyal, we’ve designed our solutions to facilitate seamless interactions at every stage of your professional journey. Explore answers that make your Socyal experience both efficient and enriching.

What sets Socyal apart from other feedback and collaboration platforms?

Socyal takes a holistic approach to workplace collaboration. Apart from standard feedback mechanisms, we incorporate unique features like defining personal collaborators, relative performance trends, meaningful reactions, and AI-driven insights. Our platform recognizes the nuances and complexities of team dynamics, making feedback more contextual and actionable.

How do the Relative Strengths & Weaknesses assessments work?

Socyal's Relative Strengths & Weaknesses feature uses sliders, allowing team members to assess each other's skills, behaviors, and abilities in comparison to peers. This relative assessment paints a clearer picture of where an individual shines and areas ripe for development, all from the perspective of their colleagues.

Can I request feedback directly from a co-worker or group in Socyal?

Yes, you can! Socyal promotes a proactive feedback culture. You can send requests to individuals or groups, asking for assessments, recognitions, or reviews on specific tasks or general performance. This encourages open communication and consistent growth.

How do the Daily Activity Reports and Leaderboards enhance my Socyal experience?

Daily Activity Reports give you an up-to-date glimpse of how your co-workers perceive your contributions. On the other hand, Daily Leaderboards spotlight the most active participants, celebrating those who actively engage in sending and receiving feedback. Together, they foster a dynamic and participative feedback environment.

What's the role of AI in Socyal?

AI in Socyal supercharges feedback. From generating predictive analyses of performance trends to diving deep into profile overviews to identify strengths and areas of improvement, our AI-driven tools provide rich, data-backed insights, helping individuals and teams align better and grow faster.