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socyal enables people to assess their teammates relative to each other on a grid without any numeric indicators, thus preventing subconscious biases inherent to numeric-based assessments.

Tracking Growth with Relative Performance Trends

In the dynamic environment of a workplace, understanding performance progression is key. Socyal’s Relative Performance Trends offers a clear visual journey of an employee’s year-long performance in comparison to their peers.Β By mapping out vital metrics, tailored to both the company’s broader objectives and team-specific goals, this 12-month trend chart presents a holistic view of an individual’s trajectory.


With Socyal, ensure every achievement, challenge, and growth opportunity is captured, discussed, and celebrated in its rightful context.

Graphic illustrating relative assessment on a ranking grid, trends chart for behaviors & contributions, and a guide to defining working relationships
Feed display showcasing recognitions, replies, and an insightful reaction from team members or colleagues.

Gauging Potential with Relative Strengths & Weaknesses

Navigating one’s professional journey requires clarity about one’s strengths and areas of growth. Socyal’s Relative Strengths & Weaknesses feature employs intuitive sliders, allowing team members to evaluate each other’s skills, behaviors, and aptitudes. By observing how one stacks up against peers, employees can:

Through Socyal, nurture a workspace where growth is not just about individual achievements but about understanding one’s standing in a collective framework.


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β€œWe struggled for years to find an IT company that we could trust. While others would try to sell us IT solutions. We actually took the time to listen to what made us unique as a business.”

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Ana-Maria Hrubaru

Software Engineer

Socyal has been a lifesaver for keeping me connected with my team. The platform makes it effortless to receive feedback, communicate with coworkers, and stay organized. The app's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features have helped me be more productive and efficient in my work. I highly recommend Socyal to anyone looking to streamline their work communication and stay connected with their team!

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Vlad Burca

Product Designer

With Socyal, it's effortless to exchange feedback and engage in discussions with colleagues about improvements. It's also a breeze to acknowledge teamwork and innovation in my peers. I love the transparent view into my dynamics with co-workers and the unique avenues it provides for building connections with those I collaborate with.

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Codrut Bradatan

Front-end engineer

Very fluent and simple to use. Love it! πŸ’–

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Sergiu Chiuchiu

Senior Java & Kotlin Engineer

Great concept to solution for continuous performance management and real time feedback. Needs to improve on performance front, app takes lot of time to load each time it is opened, keeps on loading before it opens.

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Sumit Dalve

UX, UR and Product Design

Really intuitive. Great for sharing feedback and responding to colleagues with focus on qualities that are important in every industry

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Rutu N

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