Launching Soon on Product Hunt (October 17)

Socyal - ProductHunt launch image

We are thrilled to announce that Socyal, your go-to platform for genuine professional feedback and connection, is launching on Product Hunt on October 17th! As the big day approaches, we wanted to give you a sneak peek and ask for your wonderful support.

Why Socyal?

We believe that professional growth should be rooted in genuine feedback, authentic connections, and recognition. In an era where every app tries to monetize every pixel, we’re taking a leap of faith. We’re offering Socyal for FREE. Yes, you read that right. We believe that feedback should be free, transparent, and empowering.

Furthermore, in our bid to make Socyal more about the person and less about the ’employee’, we’re launching as a mobile-only platform. Why? Mobiles are personal. They represent us, our choices, our routines, and our connections. Socyal on mobile is our way to ensure that when you receive feedback or recognition, it’s personal, direct, and sincere.

How Can You Support Us?

We’ve poured our hearts, minds, and souls into creating Socyal, and now, as we stand on the cusp of this significant launch, we’re reaching out to you, our community, to help us make a grand entrance on Product Hunt:

Mark the Date!

Set a reminder for October 17th to check out Socyal on Product Hunt.

Upvote & Comment

If Socyal resonates with you, kindly upvote and leave a comment. Share your thoughts, feedback, or just drop by to say hi!

Spread the Word

If you believe in our vision and what Socyal stands for, please share our Product Hunt page on your social media, blogs, with colleagues, friends, and family.

A Special Thank You

To each one of you who’s been with us on this journey, whether you’re new to the fold or have been with us since the early days, a massive thank you. Your belief, feedback, and support fuel our mission.

Together, let’s redefine professional connections and feedback. Let’s make it more genuine, more heartfelt, and most importantly, more personal.